The Best Airlines
in Central and Eastern Europe

Ceesar 2018

Aviation Awards

The best airlines will be awarded during an official Gala
which will take place in the first quarter of the year 2019 in Poznań (Poland).



CEESAR - The Best Airlines Awards are the awards presented to the best air carriers in Central and Eastern Europe on the basis of a voting done by verified airline passengers. This annual plebiscite and the accompanying gala dinner have been the biggest and the most-known event among the industry professionals for over a dozen years.

Since 2004, passengers have been assessing air carriers present in the European sky, in various categories, creating a ranking of the best airlines. CEESAR is a unified quality classification system of airlines in Central and Eastern Europe. Verified passengers who have used the services of airlines through a dedicated platform, evaluate them in several categories: best value, check-in and boarding process, onboard comfort, cabin crew, cleanliness, entertainment and catering.

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